Halloween Shirt Ideas

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays that people like to celebrate and go all-out for.

It is especially popular for people of all ages.

There are parties, events, and a wide array of printed apparel related to the Halloween holiday. The printed apparel coincides with these events, but there is also a whole assortment of general printed apparel for Halloween as well.

As an apparel decorator, Halloween apparel is a market that you may want to consider printing for if you aren’t already.

There’s a large mixture of what to print, so we want to start you off with plenty of ideas to make sure you are covering all things Halloween.

First, let’s start with the artwork and design.


Halloween T-Shirt Design Ideas

When it comes to artwork for Halloween t-shirts, we have a wide variety of layouts and clip art for all the different types you could be looking for.

Remember, besides the art itself, font choices make a difference, too.

We have over 200 font choices. Simply changing a font in the design can change the whole tone of the shirt as well.


fonts matter


Scary Halloween Shirts

Of course, the first thing that probably comes to mind for most people about Halloween is the scary stuff. So we’ll start with this first.

Scary shirts are a staple for the Halloween season. If you’re looking for scary, go for zombies, chainsaws, clowns, skulls, splatters, etc. in your designs.

If the printed apparel is for an event, you just need to think about who the audience is. Scary types of shirts are great for a teen and adult market.


nightmare at the fair Halloween shirt design



Cute and Fun Halloween Shirts

Not all Halloween shirts have to be scary. There are plenty of shirts out there that don’t involve zombies, axes, etc.


cute Halloween t-shirt design


For younger kids and others who just want to enjoy the fall and Halloween season besides the scary stuff, there are plenty of art choices here, too.

Go with a harvest theme with pumpkins, corn stalks, and apples.

For more of a fun Halloween theme, there are plenty of friendly looking ghosts, witches, bats, cats, and jack-o-lanterns, along with some candy clip art.


fun Halloween clip art for t-shirts


This type of artwork works great for a younger audience or family-friendly type of events.


Funny Halloween Shirts

Besides scary, fun, and cute, there is yet another route you can go with Halloween t-shirt ideas. Funny Halloween shirts are especially popular among adults.


candy and wine t-shirt design


funny Halloween t-shirt design idea


When it comes to printing funny Halloween shirts, don’t forget about the simple costume t-shirts, too.

You can print the shirts that are popularly substituted for costumes.


funny t-shirt costume for Halloween


Funny Halloween shirts can also be printed for all ages.


funny Halloween t-shirt design



Ink Types

Besides artwork, you can also add a little flair to the design by choosing a specialty transfer type.

Inks like glitter, glow-in-the-dark, metallic, neon, or even full color, can really make a Halloween shirt stand out.

If the event is at night, offer your customer a glow-in-the-dark ink. Kids especially love this transfer type.


Boo at the Zoo t-shirt design


glow in the dark Halloween shirt


Try a metallic ink as an accent in part of your design to make a piece of clip art or text stand out from the rest of the design. Or glitter inks make a design pop as well.


glitter ink on a Halloween hoodie


Now that we’ve covered the different Halloween t-shirt design ideas, now we’ll go over what you can use them for.


Custom Shirts for Halloween Events

As we mentioned before, Halloween is a time with many events centered around the holiday.

We’re talking haunted houses, parties, hayrides, mazes, trick-or-treat events, 5k runs, etc. Most of these events have t-shirts for participants or are available for people to buy at the event.


t-shirt design for haunted hayride


zombie run t-shirt design idea


t-shirt idea for Halloween maze


These types of shirts usually have the event name and date which makes them a great souvenir to help remember the event afterwards.

Shirts also helps advertise the event, especially if it is an annual occurrence, year after year.


t-shirt design idea for Halloween party


Style the shirt design for the event audience for the most appeal.

If there aren’t any events in your area or you didn’t get the printing job for the event, don’t worry – you can still capitalize on other Halloween shirts.


Halloween Retail Shirts

If you aren’t printing for a specific event, the other option is to print Halloween shirts that anybody can wear, like you would buy in a retail store.

You can sell them online if you have a website, or you can use Facebook or Spirit Sale.

Of course, if you have a storefront, you can always sell them there, too, to walk-in customers.

The key here is to know what sells and who your audience is. Just like we talked about above with the artwork, who are your main customers or Facebook followers? Will they want a scarier type of design, or will they buy a more cute type of design?

Who walks into your store?


skeleton t-shirt design


idea for retail Halloween shirt


Maybe you could collaborate with another local business, restaurant, or nearby farm. Ask if they would display your shirts and offer them a percent of the sales.


Apparel Items to Print for Halloween

Besides t-shirts, you can heat print other Halloween items.

Onesies for babies are popular and can also make great baby costumes as well.


Halloween onesie idea


Tote bags and other cinch sacks are perfect for trick-or-treat candy bags. You can even use Express Names™ to personalize for each child if it’s for a particular group.


cinch sack for Halloween


Trick or Treat Halloween tote bag


Halloween tote bag design idea


For Halloween parties, print can coolers or other accessories.


printed accessories for Halloween party


Colder weather is also “creeping” in (😉)during this time of the year, so try printing some Halloween long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatpants.


printed pants for Halloween


Save money by filling up your transfer gang sheet. Put as many images as you can fit onto the sheet and print the extra images onto bags, t-shirts, etc. That way you print cost for each item is very minimal, if not free.



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