Heat Press Application Kit

The Application Kit to use with your heat press is a kit that will help you when heat printing apparel.

It comes with lots of heat printing accessories that will be helpful for almost any job you’ll be printing.

This new kit includes a new Alignment Ruler, mouse pad for raising print areas, temperature test strips, cover sheets, an application poster, and a t-shirt with a transfer to press. On top of that, it also comes with a $10 product credit.


heat press application kit


What comes in the Application Kit

The Application Kit comes with some of the most used heat press accessories.

Bundled together in one affordable kit, you’ll get some accessories that come in handy for everyday applications and then some that you will need when you are in a pinch.

Let’s dive into what each of these are used for why you’ll want to have it on hand.


Alignment Ruler

Customers are super excited for the new Alignment Ruler. This ruler makes placing your transfers onto adult size apparel easy.

If aligning your transfers onto the apparel is something that keeps you up at night, then this ruler will take out the guesswork and help you place the transfer evenly every time and give you confidence that your transfer design is straight.

It’s super easy to use and doesn’t take a whole lot of time to line up on each shirt.

The Alignment Ruler helps you put your design in the right spot for a full front chest placement, and helps align for a left (and right) chest placement, too.

Not only does the ruler help in placing your design the correct amount of space down from the collar, but there is also a center line to assist with centering as well.

There are also center lines for a left chest (and right) print area.

Left chest placement on shirts is one of the most feared printing spots. It is actually quite easy to mess up, but not anymore!

Keep this ruler handy by your press to use for every shirt if you are a beginner, or to spot check your eyeballs every once in a while if you are a veteran heat printer.


alignment ruler



Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is the perfect tool to keep by your heat press.

It is very similar to a Print Perfect Pad to give you that nice, firm surface needed for screen printed transfers.

Since we don’t recommend using a pillow ever with screen printed transfers, you need a tool help raise the print area to avoid buttons, zippers, seams, and other obstructions. This ensures a nice flat printing area for a successful print.

What’s nice about a mouse pad is that it is inexpensive. At some point, you’ll encounter a garment that has a small or obscure area that you need to raise to print.

Since the mouse pad is inexpensive, you can cut the mouse pad up into the exact shape and size needed to fit in that area with no problem.

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print pad for heat press


Temperature Test Strips

Part of a successful transfer application is having the correct temperature that the transfer needs to apply.

It’s good to know if your heat press is reading out an accurate temperature, especially if you are experiencing application issues.

Having these temperature test strips on hand when you need them will be a big help.

Testing the temperature is easy and you can see if your heat press is actually at the temperature that is says it is.

These are extremely helpful in cases when you are using a less expensive heat press. These are known to have temperature issues so knowing if your press is heating up to what you think it is, is important for a good heat transfer application.




Pack of Cover Sheets

Within the Application Kit comes a pack of 10 cover sheets.

Cover sheets come in handy when you need to press a transfer again after it has been applied already.

You would also need to use a cover sheet to apply a second image next to a graphic that has already been applied. Use the cover sheet to cover up that graphic that was applied first.

For some of our cold peel transfers, we also recommend using a cover sheet to reduce static buildup during application. When the heat press opens, you don’t want the transfer carrier to be pulled up from the transfer prematurely on a cold peel. A cover sheet can help with that.

You never know when you’re in the middle of a printing run and will run into an issue when you need a cover sheet. For that reason, it’s great to have a stack of these by your press.


Application Poster

This 16” x 20” poster is perfect to hang by your heat press. It contains all of the application instructions for all of the transfer types.

This quick reference will help when you can’t remember what the time, temperature, or pressure is for a certain transfer.

Located on the poster is also a QR code that will take you directly to the application videos if you need to watch how to apply any particular transfer type.


application poster


T-Shirt with Transfer

As part of the Application Kit, we give you a t-shirt and transfer for you to apply immediately.

This serves as a great test, but also double purposes as an advertisement for your t-shirt business.


custom t-shirt




The last thing the Application Kit comes with is a $10 off coupon. This $10 is automatically loaded as a credit onto your Transfer Express account.

It will be ready for you to use on your next order.


10 off coupon


Get your kit now at TransferExpress.com!



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