Heat Press Accessories – What Do I Need To Get Started?

Besides buying a heat press and transfers, it’s common for new customers to ask what else do they need to get started? And the answer depends on what type of garment decoration they’re doing since some applications don’t require any additional accessories! The following accessories are great to have on hand when the need arises:

cover sheets for heat printing

Cover sheets are perfect for when you need to cover part of a garment or an already applied transfer.

Cover sheets are great to use when applying digital transfers or when applying transfers to a garment that has already been decorated. A cover sheet acts as a barrier between the heat element and the garment during the heat printing process. Cover sheets can also be used to keep the heat element clean when heat pressing colored polyester garments that release dye onto the heat element causing a problem when light colored shirts are heat printed next in line. If you notice a slight discoloration with your light colored garments after heat pressing, this might be your problem!

heat press quick slip pad protector

Quick Slip Pad Protectors cover your bottom heat press platen.

Quick Slip Pad Protectors reduce wear and tear on the lower platen of the heat press and make it easier to “thread” or split a garment when heat printing thin materials and performance wear. Also, when decorating the front and back of a garment, a pad protector allows you to rotate the garment from the front side to the back without removing it from the press! Note: Some specialty heat transfers work better without a pad protector since it insulates the rubber pad lowering the pad temperature.

  • 16” x 20” Quick Slip Pad Protectors $55.00 each
  • 16” x 16” Quick Slip Pad Protectors $45.00 each
  • 15” x 15” Quick Slip Pad Protectors $40.00 each
  • 11” x 15” Quick Slip Pad Protectors $35.00 each
test kit for your heat press

The heat press test kit checks your heat press temperature for cold spots.

Heat Press Test Kit is another accessory that is recommended to keep on hand for periodically checking the temperature accuracy of your heat press. Controlling the temperature of your press is essential for creating quality prints!

  • Kit includes 10 temperature strips for $14.95

Heat Press Caddie™ is a great accessory for taking your heat press to the next level. The Heat Press Caddie is adjustable in height and makes your press portable and easy to move around in your shop. The Caddie also converts any Hotronix® or MAXX™ Clam into a threadable heat press.

  • Heat Press Caddie available from Transfer Express for only $340.00
Heat Press Caddie Stand

Make your Hotronix or Maxx clam heat press threadable and portable with the Heat Press Caddie stand.

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