Heat Pressing Mesh Football Jerseys

Are you trying to heat print a mesh jersey? Custom transfers allow you to easily print these jerseys with just one extra step.

First check the material. We will be printing the material and not the holes so this makes a big difference on product selection. In our apparel line we carry polyester replica jerseys and our Elasti Prints or Goof Proof can both be used on this material. If it is a dark color polyester, although both products will adhere, we do recommend Elasti Prints, because it is a low temperature application that will prevent discoloration.

screen printed mesh football jersey

Ladies Replica Jersey LST307 with screen printed transfer

When pressing a mesh jersey, you can either use a cover sheet between the front and back layers or thread the shirt over a quick slip pad protector. This way when the holes “poke” through you won’t have a mess on your press and it doesn’t press on the other side of the shirt. If using the threading over the quick slip pad protector method, you will need to wipe down the holes that came through between after pressing each shirt. If using a cover sheet, you can toss after doing a couple of shirts and use a new one.

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