Heat Printing Volleyball Uniforms

Volleyball players will be taking the court and their uniforms need to be heat printed with a team name and number.

Almost all volleyball uniforms have some Lycra, Spandex or Elastane in them. These are synthetic fibers that allow the uniform to stretch.

You will want your custom transfer to stretch, too.

The best custom transfer to use when heat printing volleyball uniforms is UltraColor® Stretch.

UltraColor Stretch is a revolutionary full color transfer that has tremendous stretch and rebound. The adhesive is specifically made to bind with the synthetic fibers so the print will last and will not crack.

If the uniform is sublimated, you’ll want to use UltraColor Stretch with Blocker.

When ordering your UltraColor Stretch transfer, you have a much bigger 11.5″ x 18″ sheet size to work with.

This means you can easily put two full size prints on the same sheet. They do not have to be the same team name or even the same ink color.

This cuts your printing cost in half.

There is often left-over room for some small prints, too. These can be used to apply to their shorts or cinch sack they take to the game – great items for additional profit-making sales!

Set up your sheet using any of our 141 volleyball layouts that are ready to customize in Easy View®, your free online design tool. If none of those customizable layouts meet your needs, build your own design using the choice of 125 volleyball clip art and 150 font choices!




UltraColor Stretch is easy to apply with your heat press and will have your team looking great on the court. Your customer will “dig it”!




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