How to Effectively Use Cover Sheets with your Heat Applied Transfers

Heat Transfer Cover Sheets

Heat transfer cover sheets for adding multiple transfers and heat sealing

Do you use cover sheets when you heat press? Cover sheets are a useful tool for adding multiple transfers to the same apparel item or adding extra heat to your transfers, enforcing the heat seal.

Why would you want to add multiple transfers to the same garment? Add extra transfers for increased personalization through names, player numbers, or even mascot art and organization logos. The base transfer will be the same for each apparel item pressed with extra customization included in the top layer of transfers. This is a great way to customize stock transfers and general Easy View® designs made for school, and other types of apparel. If you have a general school t-shirt design; try adding a club name, student initials, or even the student’s name.

Follow the steps below when using cover sheets to add multiple transfers to the same apparel item:

1. Heat press the base transfer to the t-shirt at the required time, temperature, and pressure

2. Peel the backing as specified for the type of transfer

3. Place the top transfer

4. Cover with a cover sheet; ensure that the sheet is over both the pressed and un-pressed transfers

5. Heat apply to the apparel item at the specified time, temperature, and pressure

6. Peel off cover sheet immediately after

7. Peel the backing as specified for the type of transfer

Using a cover sheet keeps the transfer that is already pressed from sticking to the heat press.



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