How to Make $140 in 30 minutes

Recently, one of our customers took me through the steps from start to finish of one of their custom t-shirt orders.   The order started with a text, “ How much would it be for some shirts for a bachelor trip?”.    Their customer was going to Nashville in two weeks with the groomsmen in their wedding party.

The potential customer did include a sketch of what they wanted and noted they needed 12 t-shirts.

The Artwork

Here was the customer’s sketch and they did help by identifying the sketch as a guitar and a tuxedo look.

Using Easy View, the free online designer at they knew this would be easy to create them a proof in just a few minutes.  The Easy View clip art collection included a guitar and a tux.    The customer did request the font, a “Corona beer label” style font (Candlebright, in the Easy View font choices)  that they used on shirts they had made when they all were in college.

After downloading and emailing the first draft, they asked to move the guitar to the lapel of the tux and wanted something added to reflect the Nashville vibe.   The boots and cowboy hat clip art was added and the proof approved.

The Product

Originally, the thought was to  go with UltraColor Max @ $7.02 each since it was a small order but after doing quick quotes in the designer, Goof Proof was going to save almost  $2 a shirt!  Plus the Groom wanted his shirt to have Groom on the back and with Goof Proof filing the gang sheet with this extra text for the back was Free!

The Apparel

Since there was no specification provided other than the color, the choice as the Port & Company Fan Favorite, PC450.    This is a ring spun cotton tee, nicely made and very soft.   As the name suggests it was a fan favorite.  The customer even complimented what a nice shirt it was when they picked up the order.  And best of all it wholesales for under $3!

The Profit

The retail price charged was $20 a shirt, all 12 shirts had a front print, and 1 shirt had a back.    The costs was the t-shirt $2.82 plus the transfers $5.37, totaling $8.19.   This made a profit of $11,81 per shirt or $141.72!    Design time was less than 15 minutes and time at the heat press was another 15 minutes, since Goof Proof applies at a quick 4 seconds.

The Win

The group loved their shirts and included a picture of the modeled finish product on a Nashville rooftop bar!

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