How To Order CAD-PRINTZ Digital Transfers in the Easy View Design Center

Our digital transfers are a great way to handle small orders, especially if your customer is wanting several colors or full color. They are also perfect for left chest and cap size prints because they are priced by the size. The digital transfer, CAD-PRINTZ Opaque is the best solution for applying to nylon, Spandex and Lycra.    And we offer digital non-apparel items such as banners, decals, stickers, static clings and wall graphics.   Here is how to order digital transfers and digital non-apparel items in Easy View.

Creating the Art

In Easy View if  you know you will be creating a digital transfer change the transfer type to Digital CAD-PRINTZ to start.   This removes the dotted line that represents the paper for screen printed transfer and brings up the right color choices.    Then change text, clip art and colors just as you would for screen printed transfers.   Keep in mind the big digital advantage is that price is not affected by colors—so add colors.

The White Outline

Our digital transfers are printed on a thin white vinyl and come with a white contour outline.   Usually customers like this, it makes the design stand out from the shirt.  If you want to see what this will look like you can add the white outline on the screen.    Select an image and under Effects select outline.   Choose the touching outline and change the outline color to white.   Do this to each part.

Color Matches

Color matches can also be ordered in digital transfers.  To add a color match color to your color palette, choose the palette and at the bottom you will see the color match option at the bottom.  Type in your coated pantone number and that color is now available in your color palette.  In this example we added Pantone 321C, a teal color and changed the royal in my design to the color match.    Please remember that on screen color is just an approximation to show color placement.   For actual color, always refer to a pantone chart.

No Gang Sheets

Unlike screen printed transfers, digital transfers are sold individually and can’t be put on gang sheets.   Each single image is priced on its own with the price based on size, substrate and quantity.

Substrate Choices

For apparel, we offer three different substrate choices

Express-This is our best seller and applies to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends.   It is the least expensive, perfect for t-shirts

Opaque-This can be applied on the most variety of apparel types including nylon, Lycra and Spandex.   Opaque is also our substrate with the most stretch

Sub Block– Sub Block applies to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends and is the best choice for sublimated apparel or apparel that may have color bleed.  It prevents dye migration.

Stickers, Banners, and Window Decals

We offer a selection of non-apparel items that can also be ordered in Easy View.   These are also digitally printed and are great add-on sales to go with your t-shirt order.   Choose Non-Apparel for the transfer type and then the type of non-apparel is selected under material-stickers, banners, window decals, wall graphics, or static clings.

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