Halloween Inspiration – Heat Transfer Double Duty

Very few holidays allow for our creative side to come out and play like Halloween. After you’ve been up to your eyeballs in spirit wear and sports, you’re probably excited to have a little fun.

Today, we want to show you how you can re-purpose transfers you’re using for Halloween apply them to other materials.







Let’s start with our devilish kitty friend. She was created in Easy View using two pieces of stock art (Cartoon Cat X5C-92 and Devil Pitchfork X5c-43). The text was created using the Boink (Upper Case Only) font.

On the orange shirt and manila tote bag, you can see what the entire design looked like. For the teal colored wine bag, we simply cut the text and used just the cat and pitchfork.

We did the same thing with two additional wine bags, mouse pad and coasters. As you can see, the design is 2-up. The graphics are Flying Witch Silhouette X5C-95 and Simple Wine Glass X4A-97.

We cut the transfer sheet in half and used each half on a separate wine bag.  Then we cut out the words “trick” and “treat” and the wine bottle graphic out and applied them individually to coasters. Lastly, we cut the witch and some of the words out to make the mouse pad.

A great way to expand your t-shirt business is to create projects like this and see if local boutique stores will carry your items.

If you go this direction, be absolutely sure to use Logo-Printz to brand your items. This helps to not only protect your intellectual property, but get the word about about your business!

Before you ask, we are super okay with you copying our designs here and passing them off as your own. We won’t tell a soul – or a ghost!

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