How to Print Custom Koozies using Transfers

Looking for a great party or wedding favor? Or a giveaway for a tailgate party? A great, low cost, custom printed, ad specialty item is a Koozie. Koozies can be purchased for under $1 and printed with custom transfers for the event or to advertise your business.

You ask what is a Koozie? According to Wikipedia, “other names are can cooler, “beer sleeve”, stubby holder. It began as a marketing tool. The primary use of a beer koozie is to keep one’s hand warm while keeping the beer cold. A secondary use of a beer koozie is to easily identify one’s beverage from another. Many different companies have used the koozie as a promotional giveaway because it is not only inexpensive to manufacture, but its frequent use is more likely to bring the company’s name to a household presence.”

Custom transfers make personalizing a koozie easy—and it takes just 4 seconds. Be sure the koozie you purchase is either collapsible or the Velcro wrap type so that it lies flat in your press. Our screen printed transfers can be used since this item is 100% polyester. Any color of koozie can be used; you are not limited to white only. Position the transfer on the koozie and press according to the directions provided with the transfer. Your custom printed koozie is ready for use.

Custom Screen Printed Koozies

Custom screen printed transfers work great on koozies and are perfect for parties.