How To Print Leg Prints with Custom Transfers

As the weather cools down, and we pack away our shorts, our customers will need sweatpants, yoga pants and flannel pants.  These are all great selling custom apparel and are easy to decorate with custom screen printed transfers.

Leg print

Transfer Express Large Leg Custom Transfer QLG-2

Our Easy Prints® customizable layout system lets you create  in our online designer, Easy View® offers 72 different art layouts that can be used to create your screen printed transfer. From the basic text only vertical to some of the more artistic designs, the choice is yours. To use, select a layout, and replace the text and clip art, choose a color and size to meet your customer’s needs.

Leg Designs

Popular Leg Prints from Transfer Express

There are two size options for printing legs. The first is a standard leg print which is 14” long, the length of our paper and a size that fits on your heat press for one application. This size print can be applied from the thigh area to the knee or from the knee to the ankle. You also can choose to put the print down the side or in the front.

A second option can be as long as 28” called a large leg. This is printed on one transfer sheet, and applied in two applications after cutting the paper in half. Application is a little longer, but it is easy to do and then the entire leg is printed from thigh to ankle. Below is a video showing you how this is done:



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