How to Reduce Your Transfer Costs

Everyone wants a lower price, and the best way to get the lowest price possible when ordering screen printed transfers is to use our layouts, fonts and clip art. When you do this it is called an Easy Prints® order. Easy Prints custom transfer orders are less expensive AND ship faster! When you order using our art in Easy View®, the online design tool, your order is automated and can skip a stop in our design department. This cost and time savings is passed on to you as Easy Prints pricing.

Your customer might bring in something they created on another site, saw on Pinterest or have a sketch. Often, these can be easily recreated in seconds using our art, font and layouts to reduce your cost.

Let’s say your customer went online and used a design lab to create the shirt on the left. Use the Easy View online designer to recreate the image on the right in seconds, lower your price, AND have room on the sheet for a small print for shorts or a cap, and an extra print of something else for the left chest of a golf shirt. By using Easy View, you created a similar image and benefitted by the free space on the sheet.

Convert art to Easy Prints

When someone brings you a design, recreate the artwork in Easy View using our layouts and clip art.

But if your customer wants their artwork as is, that is no problem. When we use any of your provided artwork it is called an Easy Prints Plus order. You can send this artwork at selecting “Send us your artwork” or in Easy View by using the Add Your Artwork button. If you are providing any art, you will use the Plus pricing which is a little more to include our designer’s time and it does take a little longer to produce the order with the stop in our design department.

If your customer is on a budget or needs an order quick, your answer is Easy Prints!