How to Ship Your T-Shirt Orders

You started your t-shirt business, created your design in Easy View, ordered your custom transfers, pressed your shirt and made some sales.   Now you have to get the order to your customer.    Possible options include USPS, FedEx and UPS.

How Much Will It Cost?

Costs for all three are based on the weight and size of the package as well as the distance it will travel.   For shipping one t-shirt USPS first class starts at about $5, UPS and FedEx about $8.   For a single t-shirt USPS will be the best option, for larger orders or bulkier items UPS or FedEx might work out best.   You will have to decide if it works best for you to build this into the shirt cost and promote free shipping or make it an add on cost.

How to Package?

Poly Mailers (10 x 13) are perfect for mailing shirts since they are durable and lightweight.     You can buy blank ones from Uline or Order custom printed ones from a company like Sticker Mule.   Keep the weight down by limiting what is added to the shipment.   For example, if you are including a thank you keep it small and light.

Priority Mail Envelopes are free from the post office.   Although more to mail ($8) the packaging itself is free.   USPS also provides free box packaging with flat rates.

Volume Shipping

If your business is taking off you can get reduced rates using shipping services like Shipp0 and Pirate Ship.   This will help you generate your labels and get the best rates.   You will need a thermal printer to print the labels.

Keeping Your Customer Informed

Whatever your choice, it is important that your customer is sent confirmation with tracking.  That is another benefit of using Shippo or Pirate Ship as this is all auto generated.

Learn more about shipping t-shirts by watching this video 



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Marge VanDyke

How do I ship my tshirts

Dealer Services

You can use USPS or UPS, but use a third party system such as Shippo or Pirate Ship for the best rates


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