Keep it Simple When Creating Art for T-Shirts

If you take a look at Etsy, some of the best selling t-shirts are the simplest.   Sometimes they use text only.     With over 100 font choices this type of artwork is the easiest to create in Easy View your online design center.  All you need to do is order, heat press onto your apparel and sell.   Let’s take a look on how you can create and print these shirts too

Creating Your Art

1. Open Easy View, the free online design center at

2. Click the Add Text button on the right

3. Change the text to what you want it to say. Emotional words are often the most popular-Faith, Be Kind, Thankful, etc.

4. Select Your Font. The word you made will be seen in all the fonts we carry as you scroll through the list.


5. Position and Size on the Art Board

6. Create a gang sheet, put multiple words on the same sheet, for the same price. To do this repeat the same steps until the sheet is filled.

7. Choose An Ink Color

8. Order at least 5 transfers of the sheet you have created

9. We will print the transfer using durable, long lasting plastisol ink.  The screen printed transfer will come ready to apply no weeding.  Just cut the paper into three so you can your 3 words

10. Apply in seconds with your heat press and sell!


A Few We Created.

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