Let the Show Begin with 3 New Drama & Choir Designs

New layouts are being added weekly to the Easy View® online design center.  These layouts give you ready-to-customize professional designs without any prior design knowledge. Even complete graphic design newbies can create beautiful t-shirt designs!

We will then turn your finished design into heat transfers that are ready-to-apply to any blank apparel.

And now, the new Drama and Choir layouts are here!

The brand new layouts can be found in Easy View — alongside thousands of other design layouts and clip art for you to use.

To access the new drama or choir layouts, all you need to do is open Easy View, select Add Layout. From there, choose the DRAMA/CHOIR category from the School section.

Drama and Choir layouts in the Easy View Online Design Center

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New Drama Design Layout #1: Open Curtain QSL-297


It’s time for curtain call! And this new Drama layout design is getting a round-of-applause from the audience.
The Drama club this year will be getting ready for showtime in their group t-shirts. They need a new design from you! New design layout QSL-297 is here for you waiting in the wings. Customize this design for your local school drama club by changing the text, choosing your ink colors and apparel colors.

Drama design layout QSL-297

New Drama Design Layout #2: Theater Mask QSL-298

The most iconic images of theater is the drama masks or Melpomene. It represents the Muse of Tragedy with the tragedy mask or The Muse of Comedy with the comedy mask. Melpo is the shorter name for Melpomene, meaning a celebration of dance and song.

To add this iconic image to your design, choose new design layout QSL-298! The drama masks are front and center and you can customize the text to the school name.

New drama layout QSL-298 on a T200 Sport-Tek® Colorblock Raglan Jersey White/Gold

New Choir Design Layout #3: I Hear Voices Choir QMU-124

When the choir sings, we all listen. We love the new Choir design QMU-124 with the bold jagged text that reads “I HEAR VOICES”. The script text below can be customized with the local school Choir name.


QMU-124 ST350 Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee True Royal

Tip: Add color to your design to make it pop! One or two color designs are great for screen printed transfers. More than 3 colors, choose full color transfers like UltraColor® Soft. 

BONUS Clip Art: Full Color from Great Dane Graphics

We are just getting started! In addition to the 3 new drama and choir designs above, there are FIVE new bonus clip art from our friends at Great Dane Graphics!

These are not just any ordinary clip art. Artwork from Great Dane Graphics gives you bright, full color design options to use for your heat transfer designs.

Like our other clip art, these colorful graphics can be added to any Easy Prints® design layout in Easy View to create the perfect design for your customer.

Simply search for the clip art ID number below in Easy View or browse all clip art from Great Dane Graphics, including these, by selecting Add Clip Art and then choose the Full Color/ Great Dane Graphics category.

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