Lower Custom Transfer Price

We’ve kicked off 2018 with a bang, not only do you get your transfers faster than anyone else in the industry, we have also lowered our custom transfer price on orders using your artwork.   Pair that with no art charges, just  send us whatever art you have and we will do the printing for you at the new lower price.     There is no need to pay to have your art vectorized, send us what you have!

Save with Quantity Breaks

Our minimum order is just 6, but the more you order the less per sheet your custom transfer price will be.   When properly stored, our transfers have a long shelf life (we have some 25 years old that still work great) so use the price breaks and add to your order for more savings

Optimize The Gang Sheet

Our screen printed transfers are printed on an 11.25 x 14 sheet so optimize the entire gang sheet to further reduce your costs.   Depending on the image size, you can fit multiple of the same image or even different art within that space.

Save More Using Our Art, Fonts, and Layouts

Often your customer brings you art that you can easily recreate in our clip art loaded art design tool, Easy View. By doing this you can reduce your cost about another $25.   For 2018 we have added more art, more fonts and more layouts to make this switch easier.  Often you can even make the design look better.  I’ve seen customers provide art from Custom Ink and using our more detailed version of the art, the finished Easy View creation of the art has improved the finished product, giving you another satisfied customer.


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