Maximize the Screen Printed Transfer Sheet

All Same Image Gang Sheet

All Same Image Gang Sheet – Layout -QBU-44

A large number of screen printed transfer orders that come through Transfer Express® consist of 1 image on the sheet that is a standard size adult print (11” wide).  At the sheet size of 11.25” x 14”, what happens to the other 4 inches? Well a majority of cases, this space goes to waste because the customer isn’t aware of the possibility to get the most for their money. Other times, this space goes to making the sheet a “gang sheet”.  A gang sheet just means there are multiple images on 1 transfer sheet.  This is the best way to use the sheet to its maximum potential.

We just recently had an order for a restaurant that needed 25 shirts with a standard size Easy Prints® design in 1 color. We gave the customer the option of maximizing their sheet by adding the logo in a smaller size. Their one concern was, “what is the cost difference?” With our simple sheet pricing, the cost is the same. The customer received 2 more images per sheet that can be added to just about anything including polo shirts for the managers, aprons, chef jackets, towels, etc. for no extra cost! A great way to get add-on sales without high costs.

Many things can be done with the extra transfers. Just be creative and look for items that are cotton, polyester or blends of cotton/polyester to add your extra transfers to. You can also use them as samples to show your customers! If you know your customer isn’t going to use the smaller images, add your company logo or the logo of another customer onto the sheet. Otherwise, the extra inches are just paper to be thrown away when it could be money in your pocket.

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