Meet Our Team – Erianna, Joleen, & Eric

Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been introducing some of our customer service team members. Here you can get to know a few more – Erianna, Joleen, and Eric!

Team Members at Transfer Express

From left: Eric, Erianna, & Joleen

Erianna, after being a stay at home mom for five years, decided to go back to work. Her friend from high school, who works in the Dealer Services Department at Transfer Express, always spoke highly about her job. Erianna saw an ad online and applied. She got the interview and nailed it.
Erianna loves speaking with people from all over the United States and helps them create awesome transfers. Because she has two small children, some of her favorite transfers have been preschool and kindergarten transfers.
A success story for Erianna would be when she took the time to help a customer and get the order placed. The customer promised her, she would show her the final product. Just recently, Erianna saw it done on a table cloth. She loved it.
When she’s not at Transfer Express, she loves hanging out with her friends and family. She also loves going to the movies.
This has been her favorite job out of many and she loves her co-workers.


Joleen came to Transfer Express after being in the medical field. She wanted to do something different. She saw an ad online that Transfer Express was hiring. She got a surprise when Transfer Express called some time later, and she scheduled an interview. The moment she walked in, she knew she wanted the job. She felt a friendly, laid back atmosphere. It was something she wasn’t used to at work.
One skill she took from the medical field that could be used at Transfer Express, was the ability to work under pressure. She is able to use that skill and has compassion when it comes to working with dealers who are doing a transfer involving cancer awareness or the death of a child. She finds it takes a new mind set to work on benefit T-shirts for a child that has passed or is ill.
Joleen’s favorite part of the job is talking to many different people and hearing the ideas that she helped them create. Just recently she had a dealer call in who needed to print the clip art we had done before for him. We gave him a suggestion to save the clip art into his library. He would be able to use it in other designs and could bring it up in the online designer. Not only that, he could get Easy Prints® pricing.
A success for her was being able to help a customer who made an error on one of their transfers. They wanted gold glitter but accidentally ordered our athletic gold. Joleen made the suggestion of using our gold foil. The customer was extremely grateful and glad to use the glam look she originally wanted.
When she is not at Transfer Express, she loves spending time with her husband and their dog, Trudy. Whenever possible she loves getting to spend time with her grandson, nieces, and nephews.


Eric came to Transfer Express after working at an OfficeMax Call Center. He also had a B.A., in Communications and a minor in German.
One of his favorite things about working in Dealer Services is he can retain his finger-tips on a daily basis and analyze ever changing art on a daily basis. Some of his favorite artwork have been the sports, firearms, hunting, and Americana transfers.
A success story for him was being able to help a new dealer who was so thankful they sent Eric a letter thanking him for the order and the conversation they had together about the Bill of Rights.
Outside of Transfer Express, Eric likes to go whitetail deer hunting on the weekends when it’s not Canadian geese season.

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