New Aircraft and Drone Layout Available in Easy View

This week we’re taking to the sky for design inspiration for new clip art and layouts! Both old school and new, this week’s aircraft clip art is available for you to create amazing artwork for your customer’s apparel.

The popularity and rise of drones have created many groups and clubs dedicated to flying these amazing aircrafts. Our new aircraft layout QCL-51 features the new Quadcopter drone, X15X-27. This stylized drone clip art is the perfect choice for a simple look. Or choose the more detailed video quadcopter  drone, X15X-270.

For general travel or aircraft designs, we’ve added a front view of an airliner, X18A-12 and a Helicopter silhouette clip art X18A-11


We’ve also been requested by customers for helicopters for Vietnam War remembrance events and other memorial apparel items. You now have two well known Vietnam helicopters to use in your custom apparel designs. The Huey Bell UH-1 Iroquois  X18J-14, and the ‘light observation’ helicopter X18J-15 are now available to use in the Easy View online designer.

Choose any Easy Prints layout to change the clip art to one of these new aircraft clip art. Get started now with a free trial of Easy View Online Designer to create your heat transfer designs.









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