New Astrological Symbols Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

Filed in Artwork Ideas and Tips by on January 3, 2017

Happy New Year! This week’s new clip art, by request, are astrological symbols. Whether you are creating designs for a stubborn Taurus or a sensitive Pisces, we’ve got it covered!

Aries X17B-386

Taurus X17B-387

Gemini X17B-388

Cancer X17B-389

Leo X17B-390

Virgo X17B-391

Libra X17B-392

Scorpio X17B-393

Sagittarius X17B-394

Capricorn X17B-395

Aquarius X17B-396

Pisces X17B-397

Incorporate them into any layout in Easy View® online designer to create custom sun sign t-shirts.




Happy designing!

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