New Baby Themed Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

This week we are delivering little bundles of joy with baby themed clip art! Based on your suggestions, we have added specific baby items and some general purpose items that have a variety of uses.

QMS-126 was designed for a ‘Mommy & Me’ class but can be modified for day care centers, baby showers, pediatric centers and more!
QMS-126  QMS-126_Color

X17B-184                                                                 X17B-185
X17B-184           X17B-185

X9A-147                                                  X17B-186

X9A-147                        X17B-186

X17B-187                                                   X17B-188

X17B-187              X17B-188

X17B-189                                                       X17B-190

X17B-190               X17B-189


Happy Designing!