New Dinosaur Clip Art is Dino-mite

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are still more popular than ever. Look for them to take over the big screen this summer when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes to theaters. This film is guaranteed to become a major blockbuster, so get a jump on the fun with new dinosaur clip art. Recently added to Easy View®, use these layouts and clip art to make elementary school t-shirts that roar.

The word “dinosaur” was first used in 1842 by Richard Owen. It’s a Greek word that translates into “terrible lizard” even though Owen originally defined it as “fearfully-great lizard.”

Thankfully, scientists now believe that dinosaurs are neither terrible nor lizards. They, like lizards, are in fact a type of reptile. There are about 700 known species of extinct dinosaurs that lived on every continent, including Antarctica as early as 245 million years ago.

And whether you like your dinosaurs friendly or scary, we’ve got you covered.

Got an idea for new artwork? As always, leave us a comment and we’ll get it into the queue.

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