Tips for Ordering Multi-Color Elasti Prints

When you are applying custom screen printed transfers with spot color artwork  to 100% Polyester, Elasti Prints is the best custom transfer choice. Elasti Prints apply at a low temperature to prevent scorching and has some stretch. But if you are doing more than a one color transfer you need to think about one extra concept-the backing color. The backing color is a common color that will outline all the other colors in the design. The color you choose as the backing color can be used as a single color on the sheet too. The backing color is needed because it is the adhesive carrier.

How To Add the Backing Color In Easy View

If you are using Easy View, our free online designer,  to create your custom artwork, adding the “backing color” to Elasti Prints is easy. Use the outline tool under the effects tab on the right. Make sure all your art and text is either that color only or outlined in that chosen color.

In the example below we used white as our backing color. We added a white outline to OUR, the box made MENTOR FOOTBALL white.  The choir logo in white only can stay the same. And on the cheerleading logo we just needed to add a white outline to MENTOR.

Using Clear As A Backing Color

If you want your color just as you created it and don’t want to add a backing color, you can either switch to Goof Proof if your application allows, or you can use Clear. Clear is an added color in cost, but you can leave your color placement without a common backing color. Much like the backing color it will outline all of your colors and the adhesive will be carried by the common clear (non) color.

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