New Electrician, Cable, Mechanic Trades Layout and Clip Art

Coming off the Labor Day weekend, we’ve added some of the most requested job trades into our clip art library: Electrician, Cable Man, Lineman, Mechanic. We’ve also updated accompanying clip art like fiber optic cable & a satelitte dish.


Layout QBU-290 is designed to be interchanged with any of the other new tradesman clip art. You can also always customize it with any clip art from our library.

QBU-290    QBU-290-COLOR

X7C-92                                              X7C-93

X7C-92      X7C-93

X7C-94                                              X7J-86

X7C-94   X7CJ-86



X7C-95                                               X7C-96

X7C-95      X7C-96

Now available for use in Easy View® online custom t-shirt designer.

Happy designing!