New Food Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Desgin

We can’t say all of us at Transfer Express are foodies…but there is ALWAYS something good to eat in our vicinity. That’s why we’ll jump at the chance to create some new food clip art based on our customer’s suggestions (it’s getting us ready for our mid-morning snack)!

Pickle, peanuts, and avocado appetizer? We can’t wait to see what kinds of yummy custom t-shirt designs are going to come through Easy View® with these images.

While technically food, these barley and hops grains may be better put to use for brewed beverages! Great craft beer clip art or for brewery or brew pub logos.

We’ll finish off our smörgåsbord with a crawfish boil. You can probably get away with using this little guy as a lobster, too!

This new art is ready to use in any of our hundreds of t-shirt design templates in Easy View® online t-shirt designer. Start with any layout and customize it to create your own t-shirt design.