Screen Print Transfers for Free?

Who doesn’t like free screen printed transfers.     Our screen-printed transfers are printed on 11.25″ x 14″ sheets which means “free” printing space is often left over after you have placed the order for your customer.

At a trade show, a customer told me he uses this “free” space for very profitable unique shirts he sells on Facebook. He said he may have a baseball team come in and order 15 shirts. He puts one of their print on each sheet and with the extra space creates a school or community print and sells 15 only through Facebook. He says he advertises that there are only 15 and once sold out they are gone.

For a one color he sells them for $15 and is typically is sold out within hours. Since the team he sold to paid for the printing, the leftover space was free printing. If he paid $3 for the t-shirt, he is making $12 per shirt!

Other uses for this “free” space may be to create a sample for a potential customer. Or use the free space to create giveaways to promote your company. This is a great way to grow your t-shirt business! Shirt tags are another option.

Another customer told me he uses the extra space to create thank you gifts that he gives to every customer. The print uses a community theme and does have his company name and phone number on it. He then applies them to mouse pads, can coolers or tote bags, depending on the season and gives one to each customer with their order. Because the custom printing was free, the cost is about $1 per item making it an inexpensive gift that has actually generated repeat business and even some orders of the gift itself.

What will you use the “free” screen printing place to print?