New Hot Peel Full Color Transfer-UltraColor Pro

Our newest transfer release, UltraColor Pro is sure to be a perfect fit in your full color printing offerings.   One of our earliest users commented, “UC Pro is phenomenal…..he says it will be an absolute game changer in his full color transfer offerings”

Benefits of UltraColor Pro

  • Hot Peel
  • Price Breaks
  • Applies at 290 to prevent scorching
  • Large 11.5 x 18 sheet size to meet your gang sheet needs
  • Digital CMYK printing

What’s the Difference Between UltraColor Pro and UltraColor Max

While both Max and Pro are full color, CMYK digital printing; Max is sold by the square inch and Pro is sold by the sheet.  So why does this matter?  With Max you don’t want to set up a gang sheet if it is the same image because since it is square inch pricing you are paying for the space between the images. With Pro you are buying the sheet, so fill up as much of the space as possible

A second difference is quantity.   Max is the same price, .06 per square inch, no matter how many you order.   So Max is perfect for those small 1-12 quantity jobs. (this will vary based on image size).    UltraColor Pro is sold by the sheet and does have quantity breaks.    UltraColor Pro has a 6 sheet minimum, with price breaks at 12, 18, 24, 36 and on up.   So UltraColor Pro is the best choice for larger quantity jobs, typically of 12 or more, depending on the size.

A third difference is the outline.    UltraColor Max has no outline while UltraColor Pro has a thin, clear outline.    The thin clear outline is barely noticeable when applied at the higher range of temperature, but it is there.


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What UltraColor Transfer Should I Use?

  • UltraColor Max:   Smaller quantity orders, applies to cotton, poly and poly/cotton blends

  • UltraColor Pro:  Larger quantity orders, applies to cotton, poly and poly/cotton blends

  • UltraColor Stretch: 6 sheet minimum for application to Lycra, Spandex and Nylon

  • UltraColor Stretch with Blocker:  6 sheet minimum for application to sublimated polyester

How to Order

All of the full color transfers can be ordered at     Start by choosing your product which sets your art board showing you the space you have to work with.   Either upload your art or create art.   Size on the board (you can see the size in inches on the left)   Once your sheet is set up, enter how many of that sheet you need.   A quote will immediatelly appear.   Add to cart and submit your order or save until you are ready to order.

Watch How to Apply UltraColor Pro

(4) Introducing UltraColor Pro | Full Color Digital Screen Printed Heat Transfers – YouTube


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