New Hunting Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

For this week’s new layout and clip art, we’ve combined some of our customer’s requests into a Hunting theme. Whether you are hunting duck or looking for Big Foot, we’ve got you covered!


Layout QMS-128 is fully customizable and you can interchange the animal clip art, depending on your need.

QMS-128     QMS-128 COLOR

We’ve added several animals, based on your suggestions and feedback.

X2B-191                                  X2B-190

X2B-191              X2B-190

X2E-94                                  X2A-44

X2E-94                   X2A-44


X2D-24                                        X2B-189

X2D-24       X2B-189




We’ve also added some updated/requested tools.

X15X-201                                                         X15X-202

X15X-201      X15X-202

Happy Designing!