New Motivational Layouts Added to Easy View

Now more than ever we need a bit of motivation to carry us into the new year. Football teams need motivation, churches need inspiration and schools need encouragement. So our designers put together new design layouts and loaded them into the Easy View Online Designer for you to customize to build motivation in your community and with your customers.

The “Together We Rise” layout is a perfect phrase to motivate the team. With layout QMT-81, get a positive feel with the bold text and geometric shapes. Add color and watch your design come to life using UltraColor® Soft heat transfers. Pair your customized design with the right shirt at Transfer Express Apparel like this Port & Co® Core Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt.

Inspire kids to read with the new “Readers are Leaders” layout QMT-80. Customize this layout for reading groups at schools or churches and also library reading groups. Customize this design in the Easy View Design Center with your own text and colors.

We’ve also added new Motivational layout QMT-82 with the text “You Are more than Enough” surrounded by line-drawn floral clip art. Create your own unique design using this layout and choose your ink colors. One or two chosen ink colors lets you order your design in favorite heat transfers like Goof Proof and Hot Split Retro.


Creating Motivational apparel designs with these new layouts is so easy! Browse more design layouts and sign up with Easy View to start customizing for your local businesses or teams.  Then head over to our site to start your 30-day free trial. Choose any of the layouts or the new one above and start customizing. Once you’re done, order the heat transfers from Transfer Express and heat print them onto your blank apparel!

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