Add Glitter Sparkle to Your Printing

Our glitter transfers will add sparkle to your printing.   These plastisol screen printed inks are available in Gold, Silver, Red, Royal, Green, Pink, Onyx, Orange, Purple and Navy.

You can use just one color, or make it as many glitter colors as you need,  but all the colors in the transfer will need to be glitter colors.  Glitter transfers can be applied to cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends with your heat press.    Glitter is great for fashion wear, gymnastics teams, cheer teams and girls’/women’s sports.

To get the best results when using glitter transfers, here are some tips

  1. Use bold designs. With bigger bolder, designs not only will you see more sparkle but the transfer will be much easier to apply
  2. Use the provided anti-static cover sheet. The glitter transfer paper does have static, by using the white anti-static sheet provided with the order this will stop the static from causing the edges to lift up when you lift your heat press.
  3. Keep your print area flat.  Nothing causes application mishaps more than an uneven print surface.   It your apparel has seams (like raglan and v-neck shirts), buttons, zippers, pockets or a hood; be sure to raise the print area only so that when your press closes on the transfer it is striking it evenly.
  4. Peel Cold. Glitter is a cold peel.   So once you apply the transfer, carefully remove it from the press and allow it to cool completely.
  5. Peel diagonally in an even, quick motion

Give Glitter transfers a try.    We have a special glitter sample pack with all the colors so you will have them to show your customers.   And it will give you the needed practice to try before you buy.

Happy pressing!

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