Numbers for Your Polyester Uniforms

If you need to number heat sensitive polyester uniforms, our Champ Pro™ screen printed numbers are the perfect choice. These numbers apply to your uniform at a low temperature, just 275ºF! No more scorch marks!

These very durable numbers have been lab tested through 50 wash/dry cycles with no sign of wear! They are lightweight and flexible on your uniforms. They will even stretch!

The numbers also meet Nike’s RSL compliancy test, making them one of the safest products available.

The Champ Pro is available in 4, 6, 8 and 10” sizes. Colors available are white, black, red, gold, navy, royal, and neon lime. Numbers ordered by 3:00 PM EST will ship the same day they are ordered.

Champ Pro number style

Champ Pro numbers are perfect for heat sensitive and stretchy uniforms!

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