New Saltwater Fish & Fishing Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

We are loving this summer and to keep in our ‘beach state of mind’ we have added some saltwater fish & fishing rods to our Clip Art collection.

QRT-63 has been added to further expand our ‘Work’ layout selection, as our customers have requested.

QRT-63-Color QRT-63

We’ve added a clown fish, Yellowfin Tuna, Surgeonfish, & Puffer Fish…

X2F-86                                                            X2F-87

X2F-86                     X2F-87

X2F-88                                                            X2F-89

X2F-88         X2F-89

…and a fish bone!



We’ve also added some updated fishing rods.

X15X-189                                               X15X-190

X15X-189                  X15X-190

Happy Designing (and happy fishing!)