New Skilled Trade Jobs Clip Art for Logo and T-shirt Design

The Labor Day weekend is over but we know all too well that many people were working over the holiday, especially our self-employed dealers who do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our dealers have also been giving us suggestions and requests for specific clip art they need to fulfill their t-shirt orders with Easy Prints® pricing, which we release each week via our blog and social media. So we combined the two into this week’s theme of skilled trade jobs clip art.

We’ve added an architectural house, distressed brick pattern, and graphic drill bits. These can be used for a variety of construction t-shirt designs or company logos.

Skilled Trades Clip Art

Also added are machine gears and a welder at work. Both of these images a great for creating custom designs for machine shops, engineering, and construction. It’s easy to cash in on sales from creating custom logos for business when you have the right artwork for the job.

Skilled Trade Clip Art

Add these to any of our thousands of t-shirt design templates in Easy View® online designer to create a custom t-shirt or logo for a variety of types of businesses. Whether you are approached by a trade business looking for custom t-shirts or you offer your services to these types of businesses, you can be confident that we have the artwork you need to create professional designs. You can also combine clip art and text to design your own custom logo and still receive our Easy Prints® pricing. The possibilities are endless!

Construction and Trades T-shirt Designs


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