7 Things to Know About Our 30-Day Trial

What do I get?

When you register with Transfer Express we include a 30-day trial to use Easy View, our online designer. The online designer makes everyone an artist.  It is pre-loaded with 12000 clip art and art templates that you can customize for your customer.

What Happens When the Trial Ends?

If the designer is something you can use, and you order custom transfers, Easy View remains open and free to use. If Easy View is not something you are using to help order your custom transfers, it simply closes at the end of the 30 days.

If my trial ends can I still Upload Art?

The upload area as well as name, numbering and stock ordering are always available

Will Anything I Saved to My Library Still Be There?

Yes, anything you created and saved will remain in your library. If you create something for a potential client, and while waiting for the order your trial ends, when you get the extension it will be there ready to order.

So, there is No Charge?

There is never a charge for Easy View. It is a tool to help you create art for your custom transfer not a subscriber service.

What if I need more time?

If more time is needed, just request a 48-hour extension right online.

Does This Affect My Account?

Once your account is created, it is yours and will always have your order information. The 30-day trial and extension has no effect on your past orders or invoices.



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jerome bruce

I love how you guys are just so willing to help

Yvonne Carter

I have a rather new business and I really appreciate this offer.

Dealer Services

Thanks, Jerome! If there’s a certain topic you’d like to see us cover or a product you’d like to see, be in touch!

Dealer Services

Yvonne, if we can ever answer any questions for you, just give us a shout. Good luck in your new business!


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