New Pickleball, Fencing, Triathalon, Flag Football, & Misc Sports Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

Sports is one of our top categories for layouts and clip art and we are always on the lookout for cool ideas to update our collection of football, baseball, softball, basketball designs. But we don’t want to forget about the sports that don’t garner as much attention! Our customers have submitted a lot of great ideas for some lesser played sports and we are excited to expand our selection!

Pickleball is a fast growing league sport in the U.S. Who can resist such a fun sport name? QMS-137 was designed with our new pickleball clip art, but can be customized for anything!

Waterpolo and triathlon now have Easy View® online t-shirt designer representation.

Same with fencing and squash.

We’ve added youth and girl’s flag football designs, perfect for leagues..

Use our new clip art in any of our hundreds of custom t-shirt design templates in Easy View® online designer. Or create your own!