New Solar Eclipse Clip Art and Layout for Custom T-shirt Design

On Monday, August 21 a solar eclipse will be visible all across the United States and many people are very excited about it! From parties to festivals to campouts, communities are preparing to witness this awe-inspiring event in groups. We are getting into the spirit and created a special eclipse layout.

QEV-186 features new eclipsed sun clip art X17B-453. Customize it for your location or keep it universal by changing ‘COMPTON’ to ‘SOLAR’.  It can always be used for any other event or theme, simply by swapping out the clip art.

You can also cash in on eclipse fever by using any of our thousands of layouts as a starting point for your own custom t-shirt designs. Weather you live in an area that will witness the total eclipse or partial, everyone is going to be interested watching this event travel across the sky.

For more information about this event, check out NASA’s dedicated eclipse page.