New Stick Figure Family and Doodle Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

This week’s new layout and clip art is based around incorporating requests for stick figures, high fives & fist bumps into a doodle theme. So we’ve added a stick figure family, complete with a cat and dog, high-five, fist bump, thumbs up, peace sign, and a punching fist into Easy View® our online t-shirt designer.


Layout QMT-61 is a new addition to our Motivation section ready to customize.

qmt-61  qmt-61-color


X9A-160                             X9A-163                     X9A-161

x9a-160     x9a-163   x9a-161

X9A-162                                X9A-158                      X9A-159

x9a-162    x9a-158       x9a-159

X9A-157                                  X2C-175                         X2E-95

x9a-157            x2c-175             x2e-95

X17B-200                                 X17B-201                          X17B-202

x17b-200      x17b-201      x17b-202

X17B-203                            X17B-204                            X22A-231

x17b-203              x17b-204             x22a-231

Happy Designing!