New Super Heroes Layout and Clip Art for T-shirt Design

Need some super heroes for a custom t-shirt design? TXP to the rescue! This week we have added several new ‘heroes’ and a layout you can customize in Easy View®.

Layout QYT-211 can be used for various elementray school programs.

Add a bit of ‘comic book’ relief to any layout with these word bubbles!

X30B-18                                                X30P-13

X30B-18             X30P-13

Any family can be a super family- or use these heroes individually.
X9A-153                                                   X9A-151

X9A-153 X9A-151

X9A-150                                                          X9A-148

X9A-150                               X9A-148

X9A-149                                                            X9A-155

X9A-149                    X9A-155


Happy Designing!