New Team Mascots Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

Over the past year, we’ve been updating our mascots clip art collection with more modern looking images and including ones we were lacking. Based on our customers suggestions and feedback, we’ve added even more this week!

Great Dane Graphics offers some fantastic artwork for screen printing, vinyl cutting, digital printing and embroidery. This collection of their popular stylized mascot designs are now available for free in Easy View® online t-shirt designer: Bears, Lions, Jaguar and Mustangs/Broncos. Be sure to check out their subscription based artwork at

Also new are Thunderbirds, Ravens, Raider on a Horse, a single Viking horn and standing tiger– these were all based on specific customer suggestions.

Add these into any of our hundred of Easy Prints® layouts to create your own custom t-shirt design, whether it be a mascot layout, specific sport or a multi-use design.

Happy designing!