New Transfer Express Website Changes

If you’ve been browsing our site recently, you may have noticed some new Transfer Express website changes.

Besides some of the visual changes, we actually upgraded the entire site onto a more secure, modern, and faster web platform.

These changes were made with our customers in mind, and to serve you better.

This new site is super fast, and easier to navigate.

This is where some of the visual changes come in, so far, with more coming.


The Help Center

The Help Center got an entire revamp.

Visually, it now looks like this.


new help center on website


We simplified the categories and the amount of links.

All the educational content you need is still here on the site, but it is now organized in a way that helps you find what you need easier and faster.

Some content got moved to areas where it made more sense to place the information. For example, the artwork guidelines for each transfer type are now on the transfer type product pages, along with any CPSIA documentation for that transfer type.

In the Help Center, you can find information on pricing, turnaround and shipping times, how to order a proof, along with other educational content like videos, ebooks, guides, and more.


The Design Center Menu

In keeping with the easier navigation theme, we moved fonts and ink colors to the design center area, where you can also find the layouts and clipart.

These are all of the building blocks you need to create your transfer designs, so having them all in one place will, hopefully, make it easier and faster for you to find what you need.


design center navigation menu


Speaking of fonts and ink colors, both of these pages got a re-design as well.

First, the fonts.



The fonts page now has a similar look to other font sites. We went with this design because it is something you are already familiar with seeing, so browsing the fonts will be a more seamless experience.

Each font is easier to see what it actually looks like with the font name and sentence being in that specific font. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is a very common sentence you’ll see when browsing fonts because it contains every letter of the alphabet.


fonts available


For each font, there is also a button that will open up text in Easy View using that font to get you started.

To quickly browse through the fonts, there are also font categories at the top. These are the same categories in Easy View, so you can find the style you are looking for, whether it is a block font, artistic, script, etc.


font categories to choose from


Ink Colors

The ink colors page is also now easier to browse and find what you are looking for.

The color swatches are now labeled with the color name to quickly find the ink color you need.

They are also organized into similar color groups. These are the same groups that Easy View use and the Upload area to send us your art.


screen printed ink colors


When you click on a particular color swatch, a pop-up window will appear with more information about that color, such as transfer types that color is available in, a PMS color if applicable, and any other notes about that particular color.


ink color swatch information


The Glitter and Pearl Prints™ swatches also got a facelift with a more accurate representation of those ink types.


glitter and pearl ink color swatches


Video Library

You’ll also notice a difference in the videos. The new video pages are much easier to navigate.

If you’re not paying attention, you might think you’re on YouTube. 😉

Since we all spend so much time on YouTube, we figured that a video page is not where you would want to re-invent the wheel, so we stuck with the video page layout that we are all accustomed to seeing.

You’ll have a nice large video player with a description underneath it. To the right hand side, you’ll find a scrollable list of all the other related videos in that same category.


video page layout


At the top, you can easily browse to another category of videos.


video categories


Transfer Application Instructions

The application instructions are also an area that will look new to you.

Now, you can see the transfer instructions on the page, with the application video right beside them to quickly watch when you need help or a reminder.

The option to download the application pdf is still right here for each transfer type as well.


application instructions


Those are some of the changes you’ll see when browsing around the new site. We hope that you find these changes helpful.

We’ll continue to improve pages, so keep an eye out!

If you need help on where to find educational t-shirt content, you can find everything here.



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