New Transfer Express Website to Help Your T-Shirt Business

new Transfer Express website

We recently launched our new website, We took the feedback from our customers, and applied it to our new design in hopes that it would help you in your own t-shirt businesses.

The biggest change that we are super excited about (and know that you will be, too!) is our site and Easy View®, our online designer, are now both mobile friendly! Now you can design and order your custom transfers on the go. This is a major improvement because you can create shirt designs with your customers using your phone or tablet devices, and order the transfers right away.

We know that you are busy running your t-shirt business, so we tried to streamline any ordering process on the new site. We split the site up into two sections – one part for quick ordering, and another part for education and learning.

If you are interested in just coming to the site to order some names, numbers, etc., you can now do so from the main navigation in just a couple of clicks. Our main site navigation located at the top of the page, is intended to be quick access for your ordering, upload, and designing needs. Clicking on one of these items will take you to exactly what you need to do, without seeing extra pages or information to slow you down.

new site quick ordering links

These links are designed to help you get to what you need quickly and easily.

If you are interested in learning more about a transfer product, or heat printing, this information is located in our Help area. These six areas are designated as a learning center. When you hover on the HELP option, you can learn about how to get started, if you are new. You also have options to learn how to use our artwork layouts to create custom t-shirt designs, use your own artwork, information on shipping and costs, information on various products, and an area for all your resources, videos, and tips.

help center for learning

The Help tab hosts the learning area of the site.

At the bottom of each learning page, you will see more links to pages related to each learning page topic. For example, if you are looking for information on using our artwork layouts or designing in Easy View, you will find related topics at the bottom of the “Designing Made Easy” page.

additional help links

Additional information is at the bottom of each help page related to each topic.

Uploading your own artwork has become easier, too! Our newly design upload page is easier to navigate and upload files. You can now upload multiple files at once. So if you have a design for the front of the shirt and the back, you can send both files together.

Our new search functionality for clip art and layouts has been improved. While searching for pieces of artwork, your search results will be more relevant than ever before, helping you to find the artwork you need for each design you create.

When you are logged in to your account, you will find it much easier to manage your account. Add billing and shipping addresses, along with credit cards. Your orders and invoices are on one page for easy access and viewing.

If you are brand new to Transfer Express, you can easily sign up for an account by registering on our site.

These are some of the biggest changes to You can go to our site and test drive everything out for yourself. After browsing around, send us your feedback using the green tab on the home page.

We are continually updating and making enhancements to our new site based on your feedback. We want to make our site the best user experience possible for our customers – you!

For a complete tour of our new website, watch our recorded webinar.