Ordering Express Names

Do you need to personalize apparel with an individual’s name? The easiest way to do this is with our Express Names™. Express Names are pre-spaced letters, in your chosen name, and come ready to apply. They are screen printed with plastisol ink. There is no alignment or weeding needed. To apply with your heat press, place the paper ink side down and press for 4 seconds. When you place your order for Express Names before 11 am EST, they will ship the same day.

To order Express Names, visit www.TransferExpress.com and choose Express Names under the Transfer Products area.

  1. Select the format – your choices are straight, arch or vertical

Express Names formats available

2. Select the font – your font choices for Express Names are Arial, Impress, Vogue, Rex, Hercules and Full Block.

screen printed names font choices

3. Choose your letter height – Express Names can be purchased in 1”, 2” 2.5” or 3” heights

Express Names height size

4. Choose your maximum name width – The maximum width available for 1” tall letters is 4, 4.5, and 5”. For 2, 2.5, and 3” heights, the maximum width for the name is 9, 11 or 14”. This is the maximum width. If you have a name with just a few letters, it will never reach the maximum width. We just want to be sure the longest names do not exceed the area on your apparel you will be heat printing.

Express Names width size

5. Choose your color – Express Names are available in 22 colors. Please keep in mind that monitor colors can vary. If you are trying to match something else, please refer to a Pantone chart or color selector.

colors for screen printed names

6. Enter Your Names – Enter the names adding 1 or 5 extra boxes at a time if more are needed. You also have the option to print the list out for your records. Express Names are only available in upper case letters.

enter the names for screen printing

7. Tip: If you already have a typed out name list, please save the list to a .txt file and you can add your entire list in one click.

upload a list of names for screen printed transfer names