New Vector Pricing

Do you have vector art you are submitting for your order?  If so, we have added a third tier to the screen printed transfer pricing to reward you for having vector art with a discounted price.

Vector Artwork

What is Vector artwork?   Vector artwork uses lines, points and shapes to create art.   Because of this you can scale or resize an image with no loss in quality.    The number of colors and where the colors are located can be easily adjusted.  The art is typically created in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator   Here is an industry video on how to create vector art so that you do get that discount.

How Do I Get The Discount?

Our Easy View design center has been programmed to recognize your vector artwork.     To place your order or to get a quote login at and open the design center.

  1. Click the add your artwork button and upload your pdf, AI, SVG or EPS vector file
  2. Be sure all your text has been “converted to curves” or “converted to outlines” in illustrator
  3. Easy View will recognize the vector artwork bringing up vector pricing as you add the details
    1. Color or colors
    2. Quantity
    3. Size (select the image on screen and the size appears on the left)
      1. Change be grabbing the green dot and going bigger or smaller
      2. Change by changing the number shown
    4. Transfer Type-Vector pricing is available for any screen printed transfer including Goof Proof, Elasti Prints, Hot Split, Glitter, Glow-in-the-Dark, Pearl, Puff, Foil Adhesive and Reflective.
    5. Apparel color to give you an idea what the printed image will look like (colors are only representation and not exact for either ink or apparel colors)
    6. The quote will be shown on the bottom left
    7. Place your order by selecting done and adding to cart and submitting
    8. Or Save your job using the button on the far right to save in your library until ready to order
    9. If you want to create a gang sheet, start again with the add your artwork button, position and size

Other price changes

To more closely align with the industry, price breaks are at the 6’s-6, 12, 18, 24 etc.  See the new pricing here.     Easy prints is still your best deal for both value and quick turnaround.   Easy Prints orders are those that use our layouts, fonts and clip art.   You can use these to create designs from scratch or start with a template

Watch the video and learn more

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