New Wrestling Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

We commonly get requests for updated and modernized clip art- also for a wider selection of sports. So this week we focused on expanding our wrestling selection of layouts and clip art. We’ve added modernized athletes, headgear, a wrestling ring and mask. They can be interchanged with all other Easy View® designs for customization, whether you are creating for high school wrestling, an MMA gym, or a lucha libre inspired design.



qwr-68 qwr-68-color

X15W-48                                                                     X15W-47

x15w-48               x15w-47

X15W-44                                                                   X15W-46

x15w-44                           x15w-46

X15W-49                                                                     X15W-45

x15w-49          x15w-45



Happy Designing!