5 Design Ideas Using New Clip Art

Recently we released new clip art for you to use in your t-shirt designs from our Clip Art Program for hockey, swimming and wrestling. The new clip art can be used to customize Easy Prints® layouts to make them unique and specific to the perfect design for your customer’s apparel. Take any layout, from any category and simply change the clip art to change the layout a little or a lot!

To help you create really cool designs, we wanted to help give you ideas when using our new clip art! Here are some of our favorites for winter sports!

We had many customers asking for more swimming clip art. Our artists went to work and created swimming and diving clip art for you to use in team t-shirts, or apparel to sell at swim meets and tournaments. Grab any layout, like this Crewing layout, and change out the clip art with new Swimming clip art X15R-93.


Wrestlers will love the new clip art created for their team wear and fan wear designs. We love this clip art X15m-36 (above) that’s used in a basketball championship layout. It was so easy to swap out the clip art to make it geared towards wrestling!

One or our most popular layouts for Football apparel is QFB-188 (below). It can easily be the most popular for Wrestlers too! We swapped out the football player clip art for the new female wrestler clip art X15m-37.


When searching for the perfect layout to add a clip art to, keep in mind the size an shape of the clip art you’d like to use. For instance, the Hockey Puck clip art below (X15L-202) is wider than it is tall, similar to a football. So we looked in the Football section for the perfect layout to add this clip art to. We found it in layout QFB-178! Check out how perfect this layout looks for hockey!


These new hockey clip art looks like a galaxy of stars! We love the look of these and they will be very popular among hockey fans this year. We swapped out this volleyball clip art in the layout below with the new Hockey clip art! What do you think?


Enjoy the new clip art we just added to Easy View to customize apparel for hockey, wrestling and swimming! We can’t wait to see the designs you create using these new clip art.


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Elaine Cole

Why are there no African American pics to choose from??

Dealer Services

Hi, Elaine. We do have African American clip art. Search Black History Month. We have some additional images, but don’t tag them in that way. If you have suggestions for specific images, let us know and we’ll happily put them on the list.


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