Object Alignment Tricks in Easy View

The creative freedom new Easy View® give customers is amazing! The problem is as you get creative you move clip art and text around your design and they are no longer centered or justified the way you need them. Below are some tricks to help you “organize” your design and make it sharp and professional.

The first way to align object is to use the “Align” button in the “Object” menu.

  1. Select one of the objects
  2. Then hold the shift key and select another object you want to align to it
  3. Click the object menu, choose align and choose option you need.

Note: Both objects may move, now is a good time to group those 2 objects to be 1 in case you need align them to something else. Choose “Object” and “Group”. You can now shift click and align your group to something else.

Align objects

Click the object menu to find the align options

The second way to align is with the “Hidden Grid Tool”.

The best way to learn how this works is to watch the video below but here is how it works. As you drag objects around your sheet, hold the Control key. And as you drag you will see red guidelines that show up when you get near edges or centers of objects. If you release your mouse and control key when see the red lines of how you would like to align your objects will be aligned.



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