Create in Easy View – With or Without Pricing

The new Easy View® was created to help you sell. As a partner in your business, we created the Easy View designer as a marketing tool to help you increase sales to your customer. One of its features is the two design mode settings – customer mode and dealer mode.

Design shirts with your customer

Switch between Dealer Mode and Customer Mode to hide pricing and ordering information.

If you don’t set this area, it will default to dealer mode. When in dealer mode you have access to the “My Account” area where you can look at your current orders, past orders, and past invoices. In addition, as you build your sheet you will see your pricing and your ship date.

Easy View Dealer Mode

When in Dealer Mode, view pricing along with your ordering information.

Switch to customer mode and you can design with your customer, no pricing will appear! Set up a design kiosk in your store and let your customers drive as you work with them.

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Mike Ferreira

How does one enable customers to design their own tees on easy designer from their own computer and send you the file for a quote?

Dealer Services

Use customer mode and once the design is decided on turn on dealer mode (without the customer present) to see the price for that design. No need to send the file in for a quote it is all interactive based on colors, size, transfer type, etc.


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