Offering Glitter Transfers to Other Markets

When you think of Glitter on apparel, you may think of cheerleaders, dance teams, sororities and other groups that wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to add bling to their custom shirts. However, aside from those markets, there are other customers that would love to make a change from the standard screen printed ink transfer colors and choose Glitter. The next time you get an order, stop and think whether your customer might want something different that would stand out.

Female fan wear using Glitter screen printed transfers.

Female fan wear using Glitter screen printed transfers.

Fan wear for local sport teams is a growing market in terms of selling to the female fan. Women love sports and love supporting their local teams. A lot of female fan wear is decorated using the same graphics as the male counterpart apparel, or worst case scenerio, there’s no women’s styles available at all. Offering a few glittery, fashionable pieces in your fan wear collection will attract different customers and increase sales. The design layout above (QAL-470) uses the Faux Rhinestone Design ideas printing technique that uses small dots of Glitter ink to look like real rhinestones from a distance.

Fourth of July festival shirts using Glitter screen printed transfers.

Fourth of July festival shirts using Glitter screen printed transfers.

Festivals and events are a perfect place to add a flashy t-shirt design, especially for kids. Fouth of July, family reunions, local festivals, parades and other community events are great places to add a Glitter transfer design. The Easy Prints layout above (QEV-95) is perfect design for glitter ink that uses bold graphics. These bold design elements work best with glitter to help the design stand out.

Decorate city and state pride shirts using Glitter transfers.

Tourist communities or stores that offer unique city or state pride shirts can take advantage of the popularity of bling t-shirts as well. Glitter transfers can be stored and are a perfect way to reduce inventory of tourist shops and other custom apparel stores. Storing Glitter transfers allows you to only use the transfers as needed and heat apply onto the apparel of your customers choice.

Haven’t tried Glitter screen printed ink transfers? Just request a sample and get ready to easily add sparkle to your apparel!

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