Oh No! Heat Press Cleaning

Let’s all admit that at one time or another, whether being because someone was talking to you, the phone rang or it just happened, a plastisol transfer heat printed…upside down. It makes your stomach drop as soon as you realize what you did, and sometimes even before the press opens you shake your head in disbelief. The transfer is stuck to the top platen with ink melted to the top not to the shirt. Luckily for those with a Hotronix® heat press there are no worries!

Just like your non-stick coated cooking pans at home for easy cleaning, Hotronix® coats all of their heat presses with a non-stick material to make cleaning a cinch but you must be careful! With the press still warm you can just wipe the ink away with a thick dry cloth. Remember the press is still hot so use caution! Wipe the platen until there is no more ink residue. Once it is wiped clean we suggest using a scrap garment to press to make sure all the ink is gone before pressing new garments.

For those without a Hotronix® model heat press first wipe off any ink that you can with a dry cloth. There are also cleaners that you can purchase at your local hardware store such as GoJo® or types of iron cleaners. Make sure though you purchase a cleaner that is non-porous or abrasive.