On Site Event Printing

It’s time to research swim meets, ball tournaments, and festivals in your area and contact the organizers to offer on site apparel printing services at these events! All that is needed is a table, a 120-volt power supply, a portable 15” x 15” heat press, a case of T-shirts and some transfers! Once attendees at the event see the heat printing process in action, they will get in line to buy one or two!

On site apparel decoration is a profitable arrangement for both the decorator and the event organizer and it’s the perfect way to control apparel inventory with no guessing on how many to print in advance! It’s always wise to request a minimum order to be sure it’s worth your time and effort to travel to the location and set up your decorating services.

There are many spring and summer events coming up that are perfect opportunities for on site transfer printing and the organizers are looking for apparel decorators now so the timing is right. Use our Easy Prints® art online designer to change text, clip art, and fonts to create a couple of custom designs to present to them in advance and they will be hooked!

I spoke with an apparel decorator that provided on site heat printing at a regional swim meet last year and their sales almost tripled from the previous year when they provided pre-printed shirts! They also offered add-on name drop transfers to personalize the back and sleeves with the heat winners, swimmers names, and school affiliation. The add-on name drop transfers provided a value added service that took the price of a $12.00 printed shirt up to $15.00!

custom swimming T-shirt design

Swimming layout QSW-63

School wrestling tournaments are also a great on-site heat printing opportunity where you can offer custom printed muscle shirts and t-shirts with the tournament name on the front and add on name drop transfers for weight class winners, wrestlers’ names, and school affiliation on the back or sleeves. Busloads of students and families come to these events and want a souvenir to take home, so get started soon and take your heat press and transfers on the road this season. You’ll be glad you did!

custom wrestling design

Wrestling layout QWR-67

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Mark Moore

We need a vendor on site to do out event t-shirts
400-500 swimmers
Date of the event is August 12-14

Dealer Services

Hi Mark,
We don’t do the on site event printing, but if you reach out to a local decorator in your area, I’m sure they would be glad to do it!


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